Sunday, November 06, 2005


Swear to me, something sweet, something dear,
in the darkness of the night,
try to keep the stars from shinning
and hold my hands, as we skip from moon to moon.

With the cup of Tea, warming our throats,
i see a starving artist, with the smoke in his hands
and i beg for him to show me something new,
with a changing atmosphere, we fly away.

Burning aching light, come to me, come
and rescue my eyes from being blind.

i cross my heart and hope to die,
sew my eyes shut, and leave my lungs open,
with you here, what more do i need...
right there, in the fireplace,
the devil and hell wants me to die,
what truth do you have to say.

come away with me, swear to me,
that the end isn't near enough
make up stories good and well to keep them away,
and maybe, we can be eternal,
holding hands, skipping from universe to dimentions.


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