Saturday, November 26, 2005

to send you in
; the truth cannot be told at this juncture,
maybe if you come back - the darkness sets in
sell yourself short, and in the meantime
a maritime good time to come at dusk
; all the moments of your life
add to a disadvantage, precussion to your soul
the wings of angels clipped, no means, no antichrist
nothing nowhere, nothing to forgive above the sea.

run and hide,
ANGRY thoughts hide the past, but what is this, this moment,
of reality in a cupboard.

promise the death from above,
but kill with a gun, who is the killer
bullet or man, dream the truth and awake
to tell the masses, and preach
the reign of god.

nothing more nothing for attachment
arrive in the dark
and leave in the car, look for the way home.


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