Monday, December 12, 2005

Beside you.

this is the road that i will take,
out paths will cross again some day,
in the sky above, we move with the clouds,
when the rain comes, dance with me in it -
force ourselves to shine like dimonds
then - sleeping in our bed, we will wake
and find eyes staring back at us,
point them at me, and i will escape,
into you lips.

how soon before i have to leave, or in the
dark alleys that we will roam, don't let go,
everything seems to spin, but i can still see you,
balancing up on my rope, i will give you away
if you love me right back, and every moment
will be with hope that you will come back, don't
walk out of the room,
the floor will shake and the tv drowns
as we forget everything else.


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