Friday, December 02, 2005


this is not a test, please come again -
the predawn will melt into shadows_
and nothing is really understandable.
; can you understand what is being spoken_
aloud - awake - alive, i (am?)

do you enjoy this suffering,
(hurt me, hurt me, huuurt meee some more) please?
^ whispered in a quiet hush ^

down in the dirt in summer suns
and crawling in sticky snow winters.
fall is a memory and spring is cruel,
falling leaves - disappear into gutters -

testing, testing,
drown me out in a sea of transmuted silence,
and morphology of this soul breaks
glass on the hardwood floor.

the shotgun shells and cigarette buts litter corners
fall in love with me, fall in love with my being
and i will fall for everything you say you are.

i will miss you here and now and forever,
beautiful stone wear away my decay.
the floor shakes.


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