Wednesday, December 07, 2005


plant my feet in the ground -
grow now, some more,
... perhaps; and please,
there is a - soul - that lingers
; asks for "a good riddance"

dance the night sky, dance -
the war is open to the general public
(heads are on fire) what else will burn
can burn, break open the bank,
floor board will creak still.

.... shake the snowglobe....
and my world is turned downside up
; the shit will just come back down; again; again; again
- forget all the fairie's tales, lies
and a certain damnation in the nameless
"calling number one" go now and go.

survive, but for what, erase this marker.
; going to the temporal inquisition,
or rather being, or breathing, or being or
something else altogether,
- maybe social constructs -
but that doesn't fit well

shameless intervision, bubbles in the water
dead inside to the sounds

... call and come... and lets go.


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