Friday, December 02, 2005


the cold sets the pace _sporadic snow_
and the drumming on the ceiling comes to a crash,
pot holes will come soon, rain and ice and something else
;but blink in the cold, to freeze - lost-listless-luminate
your eyes - paler by the moonlight
turn slowly, balance kept naught,
fall and crack the eggs into a pan.

pine cones and acorns and peanuts,
gatherer go and hurry for the last

scream into your ear, bleed through the rags
cuts go deeper than the heart
and for moments - lost desires - leave
; care for the elderly
; or die alone
_what other cautions could be given_
by a temptress of fate.

cold dry skin dies - flakes away -
floating in the wind
; lands on something, to grow again.


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