Saturday, December 31, 2005


i keep your letter on the nightstand
(in the mornings. i wake to read it again)
and as i closed my eyes last night. you were there.
- for the crashing clouds that turned into snow -
and a bit of sleep that came and went -
; i only thought of you ( you are all i think of. all i think of.)

way down inside of my mind - it cries out in worry -
i forget that. i throw caution away.
and soon i will run to you. ( i dont
know how i will ever go away)

the stars are up all night, and i lay with them.
and i ponder everything that you and i
could be. in the foggy morning air. i reread your letter.
and i am complete, but its not enough yet.
an emptiness lingers because your not here.

if i was a praying man, i would
pray for you every night and day
but wishes and hopes and dreams i have instead.
my dear, you don't know what has been done to me
i am yours to the core. and i am going nowhere.
i sit here. wishing to kiss your lips
and i close my eyes.
feeling the urge to run away, to you, then away again.
i want to sink to the bottom of the ocean with you. forgetting
everything else. lost in your eyes and everything you are.

to put it simply.
i love you.


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