Sunday, December 04, 2005

will (you) save (me)

i am broken but unconcerned.
why do i bother to breathe in the air
a pity poor play in this drunkenness
visualize the foolish fool dying
and in my eyes, the ashes scatter
in the blue wind.

a dead soul has no hope to linger
but a self loathing arises each night
in the reflections of a watering hole,
every reality displaced with a splash.
without skin, a storm comes rising
from the broken ashes, tornado spining
crying out for pleas of mercy and hope,
don't look into these eyes.

i don't think i will mind,
the inevitablity of this fatalistic turn of events,
turn around and walk away,
i love you far to much my dear to hurt you,
but can you save me? will you? will you?
dare you help me rise from the ashes of everything i was,
and become someone somewhat more
in loving you i might be saved.


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