Monday, January 02, 2006


Crawling into the Dark,
- let go
- fall into the cracks
; and in the dense air - feel ice.

A Vacant look (gazing glazed over eyes)
bordom in the eyes of a sex-starvng Widow.
Butterflies drift past, humming along
; dead ground moans for release
while the pounding betwen these eyes eases.

frostbitten toes, punctured pores.
; snow that melts
- dead trees Breathe
What has the Earth Earned?
vision comes poor in the Storms
(death Percipitation)

Struggled Arms
a mighty wind ruined (drumming bricks)
"he was a perfect little kid"

Don't Ask
Don't Tell
no, no. no,
; stare down
; a broken li(s)p
-curled spiraling icicles -
And BloodStains.

A river torn by the tree.
Downed Squirrels in a field of ravens.
Thoughtless reflections washed away.
echoes in the mud.
stained rugs.
never move alone.
as a record breaks from its fall (never spun).


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